Making Our Roads Safer

A 10-point strategy system for implementing new standards for better drivers in California

The roads have become increasingly dangerous. It’s every driver for themselves. Seemingly bored with having to be in their cars every day, they bring their phones, reading, food and pets along for the ride, all at excessive speeds. Traffic safety rules for the most part have been forgotten and people make it all up as they go along, causing road rage, confusion, accidents and death. Isn’t it time to take control? Huh? By combining more structured education, more frequent road and safety testing by the DMV, and stricter law enforcement, we feel the motorists in California would respond to the need to obey the laws and drive more carefully.

1. Presently drivers licenses are renewed every 5 years for many motorists and often they are automatically renewed in this fashion for a number of years without the benefit of a drivers test or written exam. By using the current model of how people fulfill their smog requirements the DMV could designate specific state sanctioned driving schools where people would be required to take 6 to 8 hours of drivers training every 2 to 3 years. These classes would include freeway and street driving tests as well as reinforcing the laws. This new standard would not put any added stress on the DMV because the traffic schools would just fax or Email the results.

This would enable the State of California to create new jobs and boost the economy. The driving school businesses would vastly improve to meet the demands, the insurance companies would profit because of less accidents and the police could turn their attention to other matters. All in all, a win/win situation.

2. Driving/written tests would also include: * Videos of accidents and accident victims stories and pleas * Videos detailing wrong and right examples of common driving errors * Road tests taken on simulated hazardous road condition sites.

3. A portion of all dollars collected would be spent on (A) TV “Raising Drivers Conscious Awareness” ads, (B) road safety billboard reminders and (C) a special traffic division would be created for the sole purpose of keeping freeway traffic congestion controlled and moving during times of road construction, sporting events and accidents. By using helicopters with flashing signs motorists would be given directions and the installation of traffic lights every 4 to 5 miles would regulate speed when necessary.

4. All accident perpetrators would take driving school every year until the accident is cleared from their record, and then they would be tested every 2 years.

5. Elect a month during the year to be names “Pedestrian Awareness and Safe Driving Month.”

6. Make it illegal to talk on a mobile/cellular phone while driving a vehicle UNLESS you have a single ear piece in the right ear so that both ears aren’t obstructed and both hands are free to drive, or you use a speaker phone.

7. All new residents of the state of California would have to be tested immediately.

8. Offer a toll-free number to report erratic or unlawful driving. The caller would need to include the driver’s license plate number and the make/model/color of the vehicle as well as the time/day/location of sighting.

9. People would be made aware of noise ordinances concerning the volume of their car stereos.

10. The concept of driver’s education would begin in kindergarten. The Citizens for a Safer California feel that these ideas could solve a lot of the road problems, save lives and generate an enormous amount of income for the State of California. Most important, lives would be saved. Joe Azarello and Citizens for a Safer California