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Some background on the song:

I had produced two of Amelia Anderson’s CD projects, and when she said she needed more music to go with one of her most eloquently written songs – I offered my own original songs to go with it. I gave master lyricist Donna Shultz a song I wrote called “Pretty Face,” and I had no idea she could turn it into this most happy burning samba song called “Fiesta” – so we used it.

I was stoked to find that Jimmer Boldon was available to record “Fiesta,” ‘because I knew it would be a real vehicle for his awesome creative gifts in the studio.

I composed this song to have one very specific section where the performers could vamp till the emotional energy could build up enough to the right point that it was ready to go back to the words and Jimmer and Roger definitely nailed it.

Many thanks to Dave Scott and Les Kepics for logistical and emotional support throughout this project.

Please stay to the end of the song, as it will be followed by a fun retrospective from our singer, Jimmer Boldon.


Bossa Nova Music Plays
A Sambas in the air
Latin Breezes gently blow
The music through your hair

When I feel your body next to me
And we begin to dance
When Fiesta starts
My heart’s so ready for romance

One night can hold
more then a lifetime
When I spend it with you
And now Fiestas here my dear
That’s what I want to do

I promise that
when the night is over
love will be ours without a second glance.
O when Fiesta starts
my hearts so ready for romance

Last Time Yes when Fiesta starts
my hearts so ready for romance